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  1. Uncompromising Positioning -- Part I

  2. Uncompromising Positioning -- Part II

  3. Meta-Technology: An Analytical Sketch

  4. Lessons in Meta-Technology

  5. Refutation of Arithmetic

  6. That 1 = 2

  7. The Crystallization of Concept Art in 1961

  8. The Invalidity of Mathematics: The Original Concept Art Essay and the Refutation of Arithmetic Project

  9. Mathematics, Tokenetics, and Uncanny Calculi: 1961 Concept Art in Retrospect

  10. Introduction to the Logic of Contradictions

  11. The Logic of Admissible Contradictions: Introduction

  12. Studies in Constitutive Dissociation

  13. The Choice Chronology Project

  14. The Counting Stands: Plurality, Thinghood, Contradiction

  15. An Epistemic Calculus: Realizing "Impossibilities" by Lifting Annulled Reality-Grades

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