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1page 688

2The essay-memoirs I have published or will publish begin to chronicle it.

3first circulated in September 1961

4in The Dada Painters and Poets, ed. Robert Motherwell. This scheme had been announced rudimentarily by the English author Lewis Carroll and by Duchamp.

5The one permanent novelty is that separate painting and sculpture have been commingled as gallery ware.

6I have given a close paraphrase for smoothness, rather than trying to recast the original into a consise statement by ellipsis. The original is in Jackson Mac Low's personal archive.

7Karlheinz Stockhausen, "Music and Speech," in Speech and Music [die Reihe No. 6] (1964), page 49, footnote.

8It was said explicitly in Plato.

9Aside from brief acknowledgements by friendly critics such as Germano Celant ("The Book as Artwork").

10Except inasmuch as the interview in Io #41 could be considered to do this.

11Cf. "Anthology of Non-Philosophical Cultural Works."