Henry Flynt
The "Show in Advance of Its Existence" at Mudima

The contents of the exhibition space of Fondazione Mudima, Milano, on Saturday, 10 June 1989, were a show of mine. The show occurred before I constituted it, when no one knew it was occurring.

The occurrence of the show is documented by photos which I took in Mudima on 10 June 1989. I had gone to Mudima to talk with Gino Di Maggio about future events. I photographed the interior as Gino showed me around the building--before the show existed.

An art exhibit exists if a realized occurrence fulfills the declared intention of an art exhibit. With respect to "Show in Advance of Its Existence," the intention is declared after the occurrence in time and space. The show will officially exist when the poster, announcement, and this explanation are released.

I communicated to Gino Di Maggio on December 3, 1990 [sic!] that I considered the photos to document a show which had occurred at the time the photos were taken--unknown to everybody. The show is tied to that visit to Mudima and cannot be transferred.

Gino and his associates did not become visitors to the show until Gino accepted the show after my letter of December 1990, even though they were materially present on June 10, 1989.

The show occurred before Mudima opened. It is Mudima's zeroth show.

As shown in the photos, the show included packaged art, by other artists, stored temporarily on the floor. I do not know what was in the packages or who made it. I assume(d) sponsorship of art unknown to me--art which was not at the time performing its intended function (being in storage).

©1991 Henry A. Flynt, Jr.