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  1. Personhood Theory: A Sketch

  2. Personhood II: Attachment's Turbulent Causation


    1. I. Objections to Personhood Theory
    2. II. Case Studies in Personhood
    3. III. The "Other Minds" Difficulty
    4. IV. Personhood's Self-Cancellation
    5. V. Elevated Experience

  4. Again Empiricism

  5. The Person-World Premise -- III

  6. Preface to "Personhood IV"

  7. PERSON-WORLD THEORY: 1995 Tutorial

    1. Part I. The totality as "individual experience" integrated around personal identity and purpose
    2. Intermezzo: A recapitulation with topical commentary
    3. Part II. High-level affections when "personal experience" is integrated around personal identity and purpose

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