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[1]meta-technological vantage-point?

[2]E.g. Fromm's The Art of Loving, Sidney Jourard's The Transparent Self.

[3]And by others, to whatever degree.

[4]First to use the word dignity in the discussion was Hennix, in 17 Points on Intensional Logics. Use of the word there was rather far removed from its common meaning. Hennix did us a favor by not avoiding the word.

[5]But I can also be shamed by norms within me of exemplary conduct which are not upheld in the conduct of my peers. It is possible to know a higher standard than one's peers' conduct.

[6]Cf. "Personhood II," or Part IV of this monograph.

[7]See "Personhood II"; and refer back to my explanations in this section.