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1Errett Bishop, Nicolas Goodman, Edward Nelson, Michael Beeson, etc.

2"Comments on Brouwer's Theorem on Essentially-negative Predicates," Indigationes Mathematicae, Vol. 11, pp. 347-55.

3See the inset remark below.

4Logic, Semantics, Metamathematics, pp. 174, 282.

5Carnap says in Logical Syntax of Language that the letter "o" is the geometric figure called a circle--the Platonic figure. Tarski dances around the question in op. cit., pp. 156, 174, 282.

6I have a manuscript, "Brouwer's Inconsistency Proofs of Classical Mathematics" (August 1988).

7I have a manuscript on prejudicial skepticism.

8Except for the "psychological proof of infinity" given by Bolzano and Dedekind. The observations I make here make the rebuttal of that proof trivial.

9In mathematical logic, you can define an entity which is not actual; any such definition, however, is claimed to be inconsistent!

10Note Husserl's 1891 attack on the empty set.

11Felix Cleve

12The coinage I expound in "Anti-Mathematics" (1980).

13For the exposition of how one knows the Incompleteness Theorems and still insists on formalism, cf. Carnap's Logical Syntax of Language.

14Or, much worse, are there three bracketed gaps?