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Henry Flynt: abbreviated list of publications

"My New Concept of General Acognitive Culture," in décollage Nr. 3, ed. Wolf Vostell (Köln, December 1962)

"Concept Art," in An Anthology, ed. La Monte Young (1st edition, New York, 1963)

Down With Art, pamphlet (New York, 1968)

"Concept Art" (revised), in An Anthology, ed. La Monte Young (2nd edition, New York, 1970)

Blueprint for a Higher Civilization (Milan, 1975)

"Vorschlag für ein Geniebefreiungs-Projekt," in Ausgabe Nr. 1 (Berlin, May 1976)

Voorstel voor een Genieën-Bevrijdings-Project, pamphlet (Amsterdam, `A' Publicatie, 1977)

"Flying Dreams," in Ausgabe Nr. 2 (Berlin, September 1976), pp. 28-32

HESE Logic & Intensional Logics [with Hennix] (program notes, The Kitchen, 1979)

"Extracts from Personhood's Self-Cancellation," in Art Journal, Summer 1982, pp. 119-121

"The Meaning of My Avant-Garde Hillbilly and Blues Music," in Ausgabe Nr. 6 (periodical), Köln, September 1982, pp. 24-29

"The Radicalism of Unbelief," in Ikon, Second Series, #1, New York, Fall-Winter 1982-3, pp. 112-118

"Gespräch Über 'Modalities and Languages for Algorithms' von Christer Hennix," in Ausgabe Nr. 7 (periodical), Köln, October 1983, pp. 116-123

musical cassette, Henry Flynt, Edition Hundertmark, Köln, 1986

"The Apprehension of Plurality: An instruction manual for 1987 concept art," in Io #41: Being = Space X Action (Berkeley, North Atlantic Books, 1989)

"Concept Art" (1970 version) reproduced in Christian Schlatter, Conceptual Art Conceptual Forms (Paris, 1990)

Dimensione Futuro (XLIV Venice Biennale, 1990), p. 102, for reproduction of "Concept Art" title page

"Mutations of the Vanguard," in Ubi Fluxus, catalogue (Mazzotta, Milan, 1990)

"Authentic Concept Art, Past and Future," in Workshop Meetings (Art Meets Science and Spirituality, Amsterdam, 1990)

"Exercise Awareness-States," in Ikon #11: The Sixties (New York, 1990)

"Challenge to Conceptual Artists: Early Returns," in Lightworks magazine, No. 20/21 (Detroit, 1990), pp. 11-14

"Regards sur SAMO(c) 1978-1979" in Et tous ils changent le monde, ed. Marc Dachy (Lyon Biennale, 1993)

"Cage and Fluxus," in Writings About John Cage, ed. Richard Kostelanetz (Ann Arbor, 1993)

"Meta-Technology: An Analytical Sketch," in Perforations 5, Spring 1994 (Public Domain, Atlanta)

"Spiral Translation," in 25 Yahre Edition Hundertmark 1970-1995 (Köln, 1995), p. 65

"Concept Art," reprinted in Theories and Documents of Contemporary Art: A Sourcebook of Artists' Writings, ed. Kristine Stiles and Peter Selz (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1996), pp. 820-22