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HENRY FLYNT: Selected Unpublished Manuscripts

a few published manuscripts are listed to show the sequence of interests--deg. indicates a pair of essays, the earlier having been circulated, the later being a re-write which replaces the earlier--[lozenge] is weaker than deg., means that an uncirculated draft has historical interest

Philosophy Proper, Version 1 (1960)

Electronic Music Score: November 1960 No. 2 (2 pages)

Piece 12/17/60 No. 1

My Work in Music (Dec. 1960, 6 pages)

Philosophy Proper, Version 3 (1961)

Two Supplements to Philosophy Proper, Version 3 (1963/1971/1992)

Concept Art (1961)

Exercise Awareness-States (July 1961/1981)

Concact of Colored Sheets and Acoustical Scans (1961/1981)

Linact: Incongruities (August 1961, 1 page)

Anthology of Non-Philosophical Cultural Works (Sept. 1961, 4 pages)

The Exploitation of Cultural Revolutionaries in Present Societies (1961)

Noscol Version 5 (March 1962, 2 pages)

Note on Autobiography, My Acognitive "Cultural" Self-Discovery, Creep (March-May 1962)

The Important Significance of the Creep Personality (May 1962)

My New Concept of General Acognitive Culture (undated, 1962)


I Preliminary Concepts

The Phenomenon of Serious Culture

The Price of Serious Culture

II The Supererogatory, Misleading Notion of "Newness"

The Defects of Pure Mathematics (and Structure Art)

The Defects of "Literary Culture," and Art's Decadence

The Disintegration of "Art"

III Veramusement

Free Time, Boredom, and Liked Work

The Supererogatory, Misleading Notion of "Newness" (1963/1992)

Identification of Brend (1963, 4 pages)

Primary Study, Version 7 (1964)

deg.Music in the African Ceremony of Possession (1966)

Primary Paradox (orig. Heuristic Introduction) (1966, 1 page)

Mock Risk Games (1967)

The Conflict in "Pure" Culture (1967, 4 pages)

Cybernetics of Controlled Brain Inputs (1967)

The Soviet Economy and the Communist Party (August 1967)

The Journal of Indeterminate Mathematical Investigations (1967, 1 page)

Art or Brend? (1967)

Explaining the Pattern of Organizational Authority (1968, 3 pages)

political philosophy leaflets

Organization Compositions (1968, 1 page)

?? (1968, 1 page)

Overthrow the Human Race!! (1968, 1 page)

1969: We Commemorate the Nineteenth Centenary (1969, 1 page)

The Political Implications of Technology (1969, 1 page)

Design of Inorganic Superhuman Species (1969, 1 page)

The Perception-Dissociation of Physics (1969)

Subversion Theory (1969; 4+2 pp. typed, four short chapters)

Amoral Subversion (1970, 3 pages)

Comments on Physics (Feb. 1970, 4 pages)

Scientific Speculations on the Study of Consciousness: A Review (1970)

The Logic of Admissible Contradictions (undated; 1972-3?)

I. Introduction


II. Inferential Relationships

III. A Provisional Axiomatic Treatment [in Blueprint]

Appendix: Cardinality and Intensions

IV. Absorbing Contradictions

Primary Study: The Problem of Action (April 1971, 1 page)

The Three Levels of Politics (June 1971, revised Jan. 1974)

Mathematical Studies 1966 (completed 1971)

Political Notes--September 1971 (Sept. 1971, 1 page)

A Summary of My Results (1972)

Dialectics and the Prediction of Qualitative Social Trends (1972)

A Collectivist Critique of Soviet Development Planning (Aug. 1972)

Some New Interactions Between Language and Consciousness [Subjective Propositional Vibration in Blueprint] (Oct. 1972)

The Flaws Underlying Beliefs (c. 1972)

On Social Recognition (Jan. 1973, 4 pages)

The Class Character of the Soviet Union (April 1973)

Philosophical Reflections I (Oct. 1973, 3 pages)

Philosophical Impertinences (Nov. 1973, 3 pages)

Philosophical Aspects of Walking Through Walls (Nov. 1973)

Some Objections to My Philosophy (Nov. 1973)

Instructions for the Flyntian Modality (Nov. 1973, 1 page)

typed Dream Diary (Feb. 1974)

Dream Project (March 1974)

Interpersonal Dream-Waking Interaction #1 (April 1, 1974)

Dreams and Reality--An Experimental Essay (July 1974)

Flying Dreams (1975)

The Politics of "Native" or Ethnic Music (1975, 2 pages)

Proposal for a Geniuses' Liberation Project (March 1975)

Axioms for Socialist Economics (Feb. 1976)

Preview of the Logic of Contradictions (Oct. 1976)

deg.The Next Conservative Orthodoxy in Philosophy (Nov. 1976)

My Occupation (Feb. 1977, 1 page)

Postscript to "Creep" (August 1976-1977)

Memo to Hennix on Subversion of Academic Disciplines (Feb. 1977, 3 pages)

deg.Mathematical Logic, Common Sense, and the Logic of Contradictions (March 5, 1977)

deg.Can the logic of contradictions be formalized within mathematical logic? (March 27, 1977)

Reasoning With Admissible Contradictions: Paradigm 1 (March, 1977)

Proving that (the metatheory of) arithmetic is inconsistent (May 2, 1977)

Superseding the Life-World--A Heuristic Discussion (July 1977)

Critique of natural science suggested by Lukács' "Reification and the Consciousness of the Proletariat" (Sept. 1977)

The Bourgeois Principles in Marx's Economics (Oct. 1977)

A Constructive Explication of Hegel (Oct. 1977)

A Schematized Summary of Adorno's Dialectical Logic (Oct. 1977)

Cliocide: The Case for Seceding from History (Nov. 1977)

Reflections on Existentialism (Jan. 1978)

A Late Twentieth-Century Critique of Physics (Feb. 1978)

The Theory of Socialist Economic Administration (April 1978)[1]



I. The Present State of Socialist Economics

A. Market Socialism

B. The New Left and Guild Socialism

C. Recent Trends in Advanced Capitalist Economies

D. Conclusion

II. Institutions and the Laws of Resource Allocation

A. An Explication of Marx's Analysis of Capitalist Processes

B. The Frankfurt Critique of the Labor Theory of Value

III. Class Interests and Economic Policy

A. Economic Interests and the State

B. Political Democracy and Socialism

C. Socialism and Class Interests

D. Implications for Economic Policy

1. Cost-Benefit Analysis

2. Planning and Neo-Classical Individualism

3. International Economic Relations

4. Class Interests and Efficiency

5. The Functionality of Planning

IV. The Invalidity of Neo-Classical Optimization

A. Intrinsic Pricing

B. Efficiency

C. Extremal Programming

D. Engineering Optimization

V. Socialist Resource Allocation--A Beginning


VI. Semi-Industrial Economies and Modernizing Socialism

A. A Heuristic Physical Model of Development

B. The Socialist Use of Prices and Markets

C. The Synthesis of Physical Planning, Price Control, and Market Allocation in a Practical Administrative Method

VII. Advanced Industrial Economies and Classical Socialism

A. The Historical Setting

B. The Short-Run Abolition of Poverty

C. Economic Technology and the Range of Long-Run Perspectives

D. Physical Administrative Methods for a Piecemeal-Automated Economy

VIII. A Hypothetical Totally Automated Economy of the Future

A. Preliminary Considerations

B. The Operating Phase

C. The Construction Phase

D. Ideological Implications

An Explication of Hennix's Black-and-white and Color Algebras (April 1978)

Reply to Christer Hennix memo of 5/8/78 (May 10, 1978, 1 page)

A Brief Review of C. Hennix's Toposes & Adjoints (May 1978)

Journal of an Uninvited Visitor To Kansas City, June 1978 (finished July 1992)

Can the Logic of Contradictions Be Formalized? (1978 -- repudiated pending further study)

A Priori Neurocybernetics: Outline of a New Science of the Life-World (August 1978)

An Up-to-date Definition of Physics (August 24, 1978, 1 page)

The Organization Question (1978)

On Christer Hennix (Sept. 16, 1978)

The Crisis in Physics and the Question of a New Science (Sept. 1978)

deg.The Bankruptcy of Logic and the Problem of Codifying "Real-World" Logic (Dec. 1978/Oct. 1981 -- repudiated in favor of 1992 manuscript)

deg.The Logic of Contradictions and the Philosophy of the Common-Sense Reality (Dec. 25, 1978)

HESE Logic--Memo (Jan. 4, 1979)

An Elementary Science of Illuminations -- CH/HF (1979, 3 pages)

Remarks on War Between Communist Nations (Feb. 1979)

Christer Hennix's Theories as a Hint for "Saving" Quantum Cosmology (March 18, 1979)

Notes for a Reconstruction of Physics According to Hennix's Direction (1979, typed 1993)

On Superior Obscurity (March 1979)

The Consistency of Set Theory and the Ultra-Intuitionism of Yessenin-Volpin (April 3, 1979)

Critical postscript to my April 3, 1979 paper on Yessenin-Volpin (April 6, 1979. 3 pages)

An Argument That the Metatheory of Arithmetic Is Inconsistent: new introductory page (April 1979)

The Fundamental Reconstruction of Physics (April 1979)

The Theory of Ordinary People: Political Consequences of Damaged Character (July 1979)

deg.Remarks on Neurosis and Psychotherapy (1976)

On Depth Psychology and Psychotherapy:

deg.I. Experiences with Neurosis and Psychotherapy (1976/9)

App. A. Dreams and Depth Psychology

App. B. Pitfalls of Depth Psychology

II. Can Depth Psychology Become a New Intellectual Modality? (August 1979)

App. A. The traditional method of natural science

App. B. Can retroactive signification apply to natural science?

App. C. Psycho-evaluation of Interviewee No. 1; Theoretical Ramifications (Sept. 1979)

Alternative Perspectives for the African Intellectual (Oct. 1979)

[lozenge]From Fundamental Philosophy to Meta-Technology (October 29, 1979)

From Fundamental Philosophy to Meta-Technology (December 1979)

Primary Study: Informal Paraphrase (1979, 1 page)

Problematic Junctures in the Foundations of Classical Mathematics (Dec. 1979 - Feb. 1980)

Notes on "C. Hennix letter to H. Flynt, Dec. 1979" (May 1980)

"C. Hennix letter to H. Flynt, Dec. 1979" annotated by H.F. (1995)

The Meaning of My Avant-Garde Hillbilly and Blues Music (Jan. 1980)

Anti-Mathematics (March 1980) -- projected contents:

Preface; Naivété and the Critique of Mathematics

I. Co-optation of Failure Theorems as the Sustaining Strategy of Mathematics

II. Overview of the Trans-Mathematical Critique of Mathematics

III. Argument that the Metatheory of Arithmetic and of Set Theory Is Inconsistent

IV. Failure Theorems at the Research Frontier

Appendix: List of established failure theorems

V. Problematic Junctures in the Quantification of Nature

Determination of an Objectivity by Reciprocal Subjectivity (May 1980)

Absorbing Contradictions Dishonestly: A Generalization of the Sophistries of Yessenin-Volpin (May 1980)

Study Problems in Meta-Technology (May 24, 1980)

Is Incredulity Self-Defeating? (June 1980)

outline: Manipulating the Determination of Reality--A Treatise on Meta-Technology (1980, 4 pages)

The Historical Perspective of Instrumental Cognition (July 1980)

Problems of Subjective Immediate Phenomena (July 1980)

Discerning the Juncture of Personhood (Sept. 1980)

Philosophy of Personhood and Dignity (Oct. 1980)

Should Personhood Be Considered Interdependent With Meta-Technology? (Dec. 1980)

Should Personhood Be Considered Interdependent With Meta-Technology?--P.S. (Dec. 1980, 2 pages)

Intersensory Discorrelation (February 1981)

deg.Personhood and Subversion (February 1981)

Identity of the Self (March 1981)

Thoughts on Dignity and Consecration (March 1981)

Introduction to Meta-Technology for Non-Scientists (March 1981)

Introduction to Meta-Technology for Non-Scientists (July 1981)

Meta-technological implementation of the 'ECO' material (April 1981)

deg.Personhood II: A Critical Account of the Self/World Pattern or Flux (May 1981)

Intensions, Illuminations, and Toposes -- CH/HF (August 1981)

The Logic of Contradictions: Prospectus and Introduction Combined (Sept. 1981)

Contrasting Conceptions of Spirituality (Sept. 1981)


Part I. Objections to Personhood Theory (November 1981)

Part II. Case Studies in Personhood (November 1981)

Part III. The "Other Minds" Difficulty (March 1982)

Part IV. Personhood's Self-Cancellation (December l981)

Stagnationism, and Options of Revolution, in Physics (Jan. 1982)

The Avant-Garde Art of Henry Flynt, 1958-63 (1982)

Memo on the Frankfurt School (Adorno, Horkheimer, Habermas) (March 1982, 5 pages)

Rudiments of Personhood Theory (April 1982)

Selected letters from Henry Flynt Jr. to parents, 1960-62, and supplementary documents (compiled 1982)

Henry Flynt, Jr. Psychiatric File 1954-6

1982 Supplements

Afterward; Appendix B (Sept. 1992)

Mathematics, "Desigmatics," and Uncanny Calculi (SSD, April 1982)

Non-Uniqueness of Personhood Theory?--The "Meaning" Paradigm (June 1982)

The Immediate Sense of Self (July 1982)

PHILOSOPHERS' MOTIVES and Other Revealing Quotes (July 1982)

How to recognize a crackpot (1982, 2 pages)

Revolution in the Cultural Determination of Reality (August 1982)

Reconsidering Empiricism

Part I (August 1982; revised 1991)

Part II (September 1982; revised 1991)

Principal Technicalities of Personhood Theory (Oct. 1, 1982)

Modern Philosophies and Objective Reality

I. Heidegger from the Standpoint of Hume's Skepticism (Oct. 1982)

II. Descartes' Meditations as a Rebuttal of Existential Phenomenology (Dec. 1982)

deg.Personhood III (February 1983)

[radical]Personhood and Meta-Technology: Introduction (Feb. 1983)

Personhood and Meta-Technology: book outline (c. 1983, 1 page)

[lozenge]The Person-World Framework (May 1983)

[radical]title mentioned in May 1983, "Introduction to the Person-World Framework and Meta-Technology" -- is it the Feb. 1983?

May 17, 1983 conversation on Christer Hennix's Modalities and Languages for Algorithms (1983)

[lozenge]The Person-World Framework: Postscript (June 1983)

History of Logical Norms (With Special Reference to Norms of Consistency and the Infinity Concept) (1983-4)

An Argument That the Metatheory of Arithmetic (and Set Theory) Is Inconsistent (Sept. 1983)

[Christer Hennix, If You Can Read This Then You Can't Read (revised by HF, Aug.-Sept. 1983)]

Comments on Cheshire-cat language-trapping, prompted by the August 1983 Hennix text ((Oct. 11, 1983)

What Entities Are the Subject-Matter of Physics? (Nov. 1983)

Love, Scientific Psychology, and Determinations of Reality (August 1, 1983)

Personhood IV (January 1984; 1991)

Love and Social Science, Part II (Feb. 1984)

The CHOICE CHRONOLOGY Problem--Interim Report (March 1984)

Studies for Paradoxes (of "Common Sense" or Western Reality) (April 1984)

Reorienting Mathematics for a Post-Scientific Civilization (June 1984)

Paradoxes of Naive Mathematics (1984)

Meditations on History [Dissolving History for a Higher Civilization?] (Sept. 1984)

To What Universal Faults is Knowledge Subject? (August 1984)

Does Experiential Evidence Always Validate Physics? (Nov. 1984)

The Choice Chronology Project (unfinished -- last draft 1985)

Philosophy Proper, Version 3: Introduction rewrite (March 1985)

Stipulations on Apprehending Reality Which Define Modern Western Culture (April 1985)

Paradoxes of "Common Sense" (1985)

Studies in the Person-World and Pre-Science

(SSSSA-B abridged June 1985; finished 1991)

A. An Epistemology of Comprehension

B. A Fruitful Role for P-Analysis

C. Broadening the Critique of Comprehension

D. Novel Possibilities of ("Perceptual") Integration

Is Physics a Success as a Cosmic Philosophy? (April 1986)

Ultra-Intuitionism and Physics (April 1986)

Determinants of the Success of Scientific Ideas (June 1986)

A Noncomputational Argument for the "Epistemological" Inconsistency of Arithmetic (July 1986)

Preface to the Supersession of Physics (Sept. 1986)

Prejudicial Elementarity Claims (Oct. 1986)

Hypnotic-Subjective Formation of "Mechanical" Logical Norms: the Chalk Game (Oct. 1986)

Simple Objections to Marxism as a World-View (Nov. 1986, 2 pages)

Grades of Inconsistency in Physics (Dec. 1986)


Chapter I. Principles to Supersede Psychology (1986)

Chapter II. Freud's Depth Psychology (1988)

SSA. The Freudian Enterprise

SSB. Windows on the Unconscious?

SSC. Does Psychoanalysis Understand the Human Condition?

Chapter III. Is Psychotherapy a Valid Enterprise?--The Evidence of CI-Therapy (1988)

Chapter. "Apperceptive Cogency" (Self-Judged Soundness of Waking Apperception) (1989)

Chapter. Hypnosis and the Delusiveness of Normal Perception

and Logic (1992)

Chapter. The Psychedelic State (1992)

Chapter. Is Sexual Tantra an Enlightened Pursuit?

later chapters listed separately

Does the Formation of the Gödel-sentence Have Questionable Features? (Jan. 10, 1987)

Flynt's Principles of Intellectual History (1987, 1 page)

An Extra-Cultural Perspective of Elementary Naive Arithmetic (Jan. 1987)

Physics: Interrelation of Fundamental Principles with Alternative Ontic-Epistemic Relams (March 1987)

What the 1961 Concept Art Essay Meant Regarding Mathematical Knowledge (June 1987)

An Epistemic Calculus (July 1987)

The Apprehension of Plurality (Sept. 1987)

Was Greek Mathematics Crazy? (Oct. 1987)

An Assessment of Heidegger's Being and Time (Nov. 1987)

Paradoxes of Common Sense (1988)

An Adaptation of Brouwer's Theses on Reality (1988)

Brouwer's Inconsistency Proofs of Classical Mathematics (Aug. 1988)

deg.A Refutation of Arithmetic (Sept. 1988)

The Lightworks of Marian Zazeela (May 1989)

An Exposé of Foundations of Mathematics (Aug. 1989)

Philosophy of Economics (Aug. 1989)

Lecture on Jack (Aug. 1989)

Objections to the Diagonalization Lemma (Oct. 1989)

Challenge to Conceptual Artists: Early Returns (1989)

The Future of Utopian Deliverance (1989/90?)

Principles of a Consecrated Community (1989, 1 page)

Manifesto for a Higher Universe (1990, 2 pages)

Mutations of the Vanguard (1990)

SURPRISE! -- The Seven-Stick Game (1990)

Is Language Localizable? (May 1990)/Is Ordinary Language Localizable? (1990)

Superseding Scientific Apprehension of the Inanimate World (1990)

From the "Social" Realm to a Utopian Civilization (1990, 8 pages)

Authentic Concept Art, Past and Future (1990)

A Paraphrase of "Concept Art (1961)" (Oct. 1990 -- for "vertical contradiction")

Avant-Garde Compositions of 1960 Involving Deontic Dissociation (Nov. 1990)

The Myth of the Earnest Genius (March 1991)

deg.Personhood and Destabilization (1991)

deg.The Next Magisterial Philosophy (April 1991)

Cultural Invisibility (1991, 2 pages)

Constitutive Dissociation (1991)

Constitutive Dissociation and the Compositions of Cage and Young (July 1991, 2 pages)

Again Empiricism: A 1991 Forward to "Reconsidering Empiricism" (1991)

Intuitive Objections to Numerical Infinity and Irrational Numbers (1991)

The Logic of Contradictions: Usual Ploys to Absorb Contradictions (1991, 1 page)

The Philosophy of John Alten (July 1991)

deg.Personhood II: Attachment's Turbulent Causation (Vintage Methodology) -- (1981/1991)

Physics in the Conflict Among World-Outlooks (Oct. 22, 1991)

A Summation of the Creep Theory (April 1992)

Personhood and Meta-Technology Notes from December 1982 (finished July 1992)

deg.Introduction to the Logic of Contradictions (1981/1992)

deg.Normative Everyday Logic [Jan. 1992 -- unfinished]

Qualitative Analysis of Contradictory World-States (see subsequent)

deg.Music in the African Ceremony of Possession (April 1992)

Hallucinatory Knowing (Sept. 1992)

Notes on Freud: Dichotomy or Unity of Psychic Agendas (Sept. 1992)

Meta-Theory of Politics and History (Oct. 1992)

New-Old Insurgent Politics (Nov. 1992)

Clockworks (c. 1992; not realized)

A Meditation on Heidegger's Die Frage nach dem Ding (Sept. 1992)

Questions to distinguish scientific and post-scientific civilization (Sept. 1992, 2 pages)

Is Genius an Amenity Which Society Gives to the Dominant Group? (1992)

Dialectics and the Prediction of Social Occurrences (Dec. 1992)

deg.Is Incredulity Self-Defeating? (1980/1993)

App. A Background

App. B Positivism's Specious Parsimony

App. C Carnap's Rectification of Verbal Language

Critical Notes on Personhood, Part V: "Consecration" (1993)

Meta-Technology: An Analytical Sketch (April 1993)

The Counting Stands: Plurality, Thinghood, Contradiction (1993)

1980 Discussion: The New Exhaustion (unfinished)

The Aleatoric Paintings: Explanation (1993 version) (1993)

Viewing SAMO(c) 1978-1979 (1993)

Adaptation of Lenin's sketch of dialectics (1993)

How to establish yourself as intellectually superior at a cocktail party (Aug. 1993, 2 pages)

Historical Dialectics Without Marxism (September 1993, unfinished)

The Repressed Content-Requirements of Mathematics (March 1994)

The problem of higher civilization--what perspective on reality? (May 1994)

Advanced Theoretical Linguistics: An Outline (June 1994)

Advanced Theoretical Linguistics, Appendix 2

Further observations on Chomsky

Additional Comments on Transformational Grammar

Advanced Theoretical Linguistics: Speech Acts (July 1994)

deg.Critical Notes, Part IV: Personhood's Self-Cancellation (August 1994)

Personhood and Discourse (August 1994)

I. Philosophy and Literary Sciences

II. The Investigation in Detail

III. Preliminary Appraisals

IV. Dimensions of Stance

V. Rhetoric and Fault

VI. The Case Studies

Appendix C. The Literary Culture of Indirection

Is Mathematics a Scientific Discipline? (1994)

On Inspiritedness (November 1994)

The Crystallization of Concept Art in 1961 (1994)

deg.Paradoxes of Common Sense and Blocking of Propositional Calculus (revision, December 1994)

Regulating Inference from Authentically Descriptive Inconsistency (December 1994)

[last section] The Logic of Admissible Contradictions

Putting Absolute Truth on the Spot (February 1995)

Unworthy Debators (1995, unfinished)

deg.Refutation of Arithmetic uncompromised format (April 1995)

Depth Psychology as a Post-Scientific Modality: Romance as Illumination (latest, April 1995)

Uncompromising Positioning (May 1995)

Depth Psychology as a Post-Scientific Modality, Appendix: Critiques of Scientific Psychology (May 1995)

The Invalidity of Mathematics: The Original Concept Art Essay and the Refutation of Arithmetic Project (May 1995)

Philosophy as a Traditional Doctrinal Activity: Appraisal of Metaphysics (May 1995)

They the problem (June 1995, 2 pages)

I. Is Philosophy a Special Case of Mathematical Logic?

II. Can Paraconsistency Be a Nontechnical Philosophy?

III. Toward a Heretical Logical Grammar

(June 1995)

Personhood and Discourse: Philosophy and Literary Sciences (July 1995)

La Monte Young in New York 1960-62 (1995)

The Lightworks of Marian Zazeela (1995)

The Choice Chronology Project (latest draft, September 1995)

Depth Psychology as a Post-Scientific Modality, Chapter III: Freud's View of the Human Condition (September 1995)

Depth Psychology as a Post-Scientific Modality, Chapter V: Psychotherapy as a Referendum on the Ordinary Person (October 1995)

An Epistemic Calculus: Realizing "Impossibilities" by Lifting Annulled Reality-Grades (2nd draft, September 1995)

On Theories (1995, 1 page)

Person-World Theory I: 1995 conversations (May 1995)

Person-World Theory II: High-level affections when "personal experience" is integrated around personal identity and purpose (October 1995)

The 1996 Harvard Notes (Oct. 1995)

Spokespeople of the Colonized and Their Posture Toward Modern Science (latest, 1995)

Natural Language as an Opaque Conventionalism (latest, October 1995)

Abstract Anthropology of Religion (1995, in progress)

The Glacial Shift from Statism to Privatism and the Re-Emergence of Liberal Radicalism (1995, unfinished)

Mathematics, Tokenetics, and Uncanny Calculi: 1961 Concept Art in Retrospect (January 1996)

The Philosophy of C.C. Hennix (January 1996)

deg.The Person-World Premise -- III (January 1996)

Escaping "Social" Reality: Principles of a Higher Civilization (January 1996)

A Critical Communist Survey of Economics (February 1996)

Contrasting Conceptions of Spirituality: Motives of this study (March 1996)

A Primer of Poststructuralism (March 1996)

The Collectivity After the Abolition of the Universe and Time: Escaping from Social Science (1996, unfinished)


Ecology, Social Democracy, and Art: More Thoughts on Economics (1996, unfinished)

Uncompromising Positioning (March 1996)

Para-Hegelian Dialectics (March 1996)

Two Conversations, April 1996 (1996)

[1]Ph.D. dissertation, New School for Social Research, successfully defended April 3, 1978