Show in Advance of Its Existence

These images delineate a gallery-specific, date-specific concept art work. The work had its source in my visit to Mudima, Milan, 10 June 1989, the date on which I took five photos of the largely empty interior of Mudima. The show would have been "realized" by release of the poster and announcement, and publication of the Explanation and one or more of the photos in Flash Art. The remaining details will be found in the Explanation. The show could have run at Mudima at any period soon after I communicated my proposal to Gino Di Maggio on 3 December 1990. For several reasons, the show was never "realized" by Mudima. This web publication is its first public presentation.

    1. poster—draft layout
    2. announcement—draft layout
    3. Explanationrevised draft
    4. five documenting prints